End-User Community

Many coastal managers have joined the Space for Shore end-user community and this is just the beginning! Many more people are now involved in the project, which continues in selected pilot areas.

Their increasing number reflects the importance of the coastal erosion issue in all European countries and at all levels of governance. Coastal cities and municipalities need operational tools for day-to-day coastal management. Government authorities and environmental agencies have medium/long term coastal management objectives.

Discover below the end-user partners who have decided to actively contribute to ESA Coastal Erosion project and to the development of the service led by the Space for Shore consortium.

"Access long-term trends in observed coastal dynamics to anticipate efficient protection and adaptation solutions."

"Define vulnerable and susceptible coastal aeras to prevent damage."

"Compare the coastline before and after storms in the past."

"Better assess the location and extent of sediment management (replenishment)."

"Characterize foreshore dynamics to facilitate navigation and coastal erosion management."