Check our latest newsletter for the latest news on the progress of the Coastal Erosion project. 

European Space Agency gives the opportunity to activate for a third year the Space for Shore consortium, led by i-Sea, in the frame of Coastal Erosion project. After having developed many tools, which made possible the monitoring of erosion dynamics for all types of European coasts, and after having massively applied them to more than 1,500 km of coast over a timespan of 25-year retrospective, our team is mobilising the monitoring of new areas with high issues to achieve operational services that are fully in line with the concerns and needs of coastal managers.

As part of the Coastal Erosion project funded by ESA, the Space for Shore consortium led by i-Sea aims at setting up operational services for coastal erosion monitoring from space. The services, designed by and for end-users, will be applied to most coastal geomorphologies and produced over nine distinct coastal regions within five EU countries.

This newsletter reminds the critical role played by end-users with regard to the project and summarizes their expectations. The timeline of the first year of the project is introduced along with the main past and future events.

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