Indicators of nearshore dynamics

Information for proper data use




Digital Elevation Models in depthsx

Mapping of vertical differentials from date to date

Suitable for evaluating seasonal to longer-term sediment balance.

Not suitable for fine calibration of sand replenishment and dredging.

Isobaths extracted from bathymetry can provide simplified information that is easier to read in the case of complex bathymetry. Otherwise, opt for the “Sandbar position » indicator which provides an indication of the active littoral drift zone and the main sedimentary displacements.

Sandbars position



Spectral signal associated to the crest of a sandbar or the position of the wave breaking (proxy close to the top of the bar).

Distance from coastline to sandbar along perpendicular transects

Suitable for assessing the dynamics of sedimentary stocks in front of sandy beaches, for defining the dynamics during the stormy seasons

Consider the natural known dynamics, adjust the monitoring frequency.

To be coupled with coastline dynamics for any interpretation of sediment budgets. Requires good thematic knowledge

For the conditions listed that are not suitable for this indicator, opt for the “bathymetry” indicator.